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    • The following stipulations apply to the local recruitment of employees for Dr. Erfan & Bagedo General Hospital :-
      1- PERMISSION : before an application for employment in to be accepted , You must furnsh the recruiter :
      Dependent of Dr. Erfan & Bagedo General Hospital Employee – " A no objection letter " from the primary employee .
      Other Dependent – " A no objection letter " from the primary employee which must bear the official stamp of the primary employee's sponsor .
      Local Male – A letter from your sponsor which states that the sponsor has no objection to your seeking employment .

      2- CERTIFICATES : the application should be accompaind by the originals and one photocopy of all education and experience certificates you may have . The originals will be returned to you following certification . If you don’t have the originals of your certificates, you are required to sign an agreement to provide them within ninety days of your contract date . A recent photograph of yourself must be attached to your application .

      3- INTERVIEW : You will be interviewed by the recruiter . If the result is favorable, but there are no suitable positions available, your application will be in active file for six months . If a suitable position is available, you will be referred for further interview . Return to the recruiterb after the interview to discuss the result and to ask any question you may have concerning employment, benefits, etc .

      4- APPROVALS : Your application will be forwarded to the administration for approval which may take four weeks or longer . You will be contacted as soon as your papers are approved / disapproved . The recruiter will heve recommended the salary as discussed with you, but the administration reserve the right to alter the salary ; you will be infomed if it is so altered.

      5- PHYSICAL EXAMINATION : after your application has been aproved, the recruiter will arrange for you to undergo a pre-employment physical examination.

      6- RELEASE OF SPONSORSHIP : if the result of the physical examination are acceptable, the recruiter will send a letter to your sponsor stating that you have been accepted for employment with the Hospital and that a letter of release of sponsorship should be given to you . You must bring the letter of release, your passport and five black and white photographs of yourself to the recruiter before you sign a contract.

      7- EMPLOYMENT : Under No circumstances are you to begin working until you have signed the contract . If you have questions regarding your employment after you have signed the contract, please feel free to contant the employee Relations section of Personnel Services for assistance.

      8- IMPORTANT POINT : Your employment is also contingent upon the ability of transferring your sponsorship to the hospital or obtainig a work permit ( when applicable ) through the Government Authority . Therefore if unable to do so for any benefits other than payment for days worked.

      I, the undersigned applicant, fully understand and agree to comply with the above stipulations.Further, I certify that I am not an employee of any Saudi Arabian Government Institution and I don’t have aprivate business . I also certify that the government of Saudi Arabia didn’t send me on a mission or scholarship and Iam not presently a student in a local university.
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      Date : 17/06/2019
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