• World Heart Day

    World Heart Day

    According to our Hospital support in developing and spreading awareness Among our community, our patient awareness center has conducted, with the supervision of Dr. Huda Al Khateeb the Head of Jeddah Heart Center and Dr Shareef Hashim Deputy of Jeddah Heart Center, an event for the World Heart Day on Wednesday 28/9/2016 in cooperation with Nabdh Volunteer Organization. The event had two parts, one educational and another for awareness. Meanwhile, Nabdh team has been active in educating patients about the causes of heart diseases. In addition, Nabdh team have been giving lectures from elite consultants ; as Dr. Diaa Seoud who has been lecturing about all that is new in heart surgeries and chest and the most important coronary artery surgery by telescope. He mentioned that the percentage of success in Coronary artery blockage has reached 98%. Then, Dr. Abdulmaksoud Elganady, Consultant cardiologist and cardiac catheterization and head of the intensive care unit of the heart, explained the use of cardiac catheterization in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease and that during a recent stroke, you must open the artery within 90 minutes and during the semi-stroke occurrence should open the artery within 24 hours, and then define the causes of angina and how to diagnose. Dr. Salama Hussain has defined heart palpitations and arrhythmias and tests that must be done by the physician to identify its causes. Then Dr. Ahmad Dawood, Consultant Cardiologist, explained about ways to diagnose heart disease. After that, Dr. Amani Yaqub has explained about the silent killer, the blood pressure which shows suddenly without any signs. Later, Dr. Amro Shams educated the audience about how to do a CPR for adults and children.

    Finally, there was an open discussion for all audience to ask questions to the elite consultants.

    Assistant Responsible Public relations & medical Media

    Raghad Al Selaimi