• Preparatory Course for Medical Records Department

    Preparatory Course for Medical Records Department

    On Sunday 18/11/2018, Dr. Erfan and Bagedo General Hospital held a training course for 12 staff from the Medical Record Department in cooperation with Almutaweroon center for education and training led by Dr. Adel Al Mala under the sponsorship, attention, and guidance of Medical Records Manger Mr. Ahmed Felemban  with the support of Hospital’s General Director Dr. Adnan Al Mazrooa

    The trainees have obtained 4 accredited certificates from Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, which is equivalent to 32 hours of continues medical education for 4 weeks at Dr Nabil Zamzami’s  hall in the hospital.

    In conclusion, His Excellency the Operational Manager Dr. Hesham Zafar gave the trainees certificates by the end of the course, where the trainees celebrated and expressed their gratitude for this beneficial course and toward Mr. Ahmed Felemban for his continuous support and his outstanding leading to a better future and an impressive improvement, God willing.