• Open -Heart Surgery for a patient age more than 100 years- old at Dr.Erfan & Bagedo General Hospital

    Open -Heart Surgery for a patient age more than 100 years- old at Dr.Erfan & Bagedo General Hospital

    Open-heart surgery for a patient age 100-year-old at Dr.Erfan & Bagedo General Hospital.

    New Medical Achivement of open-heart surgery in the Kingdom ,it is the first in the Middle East and sixth in the world.


    Acivement of medical open-heart surgery in the Kingdom of open-heart surgery for patients aged over one hundred years
    Patient: Faisal bin Ali Al Ameri offset Shamrani
    Master of the village of al-Marwah Qunfudah occasional northern province
    Age: over 100 years

    Marital Status: Married with children of 13 and 36 grandchildren
    Physical condition: good


    Diagnosis of the patient and his medical condition before the surgery:
    The patient was seen by (Dr. Abdel-Maksoud Genada professor and consultant cardiologist) at the hospital suffering from chest pain were diagnosed as unstable angina with the knowledge that he suffers from diabetes, pressure, high cholesterol and age (over one hundred years), Mr. Faisal has previousely a cardiac catheterization diagnostic and treatment in a hospital in Jeddah  about four years ago  and during the past four years he had installation of four pillars in the coronary arteries    this year, but recently he has pain chest as a result of ischemic heart disease (angina pectoris) was on the impact of introducing it into the hospital and the work of all the medical tests necessary blood tests and ultra sound on the heart, which showed a very weak heart muscle, which works efficiently only 25% of normal, it requires a full assessment to determine the vitality of the heart muscle using magnetic resonance on the heart and the modern technology in Dr.Erfan & Bagedo General hospital to determine the heart blood supply . The results were promising and this means that after re-perfusion cardiac blood would improve a good heart and disappearance of symptoms and the pain of angina pectoris
    Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization:
    Cardiac catheterization was performed showed that the  left main artery was blocked by up to 95%  and the blockage of right artery was 100%.
    According to the recommendations of both forums, medical science in America and Europe for heart disease, for lightening the heart that no alternative to surgery (open heart) to connect the coronary artery are to save the life of the patient with the knowledge that the  dangerous is  very high in such cases the presence of diseases mentioned above, as well as aging and osteoporosis .
    Very difficult decision (surgery – open heart surgery)
    It is worth mentioning that according to the database of the Assembly of cardiac surgeons and chest of America has been in the last twenty years an open heart surgeries for five disease all over the world aged over one hundred  years and therefore, according to statistics this surgery is the sixth of its kind in the world and first in the Middle East and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    “This shows the progress of science, medicine and public health services, especially in Saudi Arabia  our beloved country, which we are all proud to work in”
    Discussed the situation with (Prof. Dr. Hoda Al-Khatib, professor of cardiology and head of Jeddah Center ), Dr. Dia Abu Saud (Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery) and Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, (Anesthesia Consultanat) , to arrange for practical action and to develop a treatment plan for a comprehensive and all agreed the timing after consulting the patient’s family and with their agreement, and they  did not hesitate for a moment, especially after the approval and explain all the details.

    The patient was prepared for the surgery and the surgeon was (Dr. Dia Aldeen Abu Saud,) open-heart surgery consultant he used the  , warm heart technology without resorting to cool the body temperature to affect wound healing and awakened after that.
    it was performed  to connect the three coronary arteries successfully, thanks  God , it shown signs of improvement on the heart muscle inside the operating room. The patient was transferred to intensive care Unit  in stable condition and was recovered consciousness after the operation.
    It is worth mentioning that the most important complications and problems that occur after open-heart surgery in this age group as mentioned in scientific journals is delayed or non-healing wounds due to old age and osteoporosis, as well as the delay in recovery of anesthesia, bleeding surgical or stroke .Thanks God, there has been no of those mentioned above.
    The open-heart surgery in the world’s was dramatically improved in the last ten years, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ,with commercial and even superior to those in this type of surgery

    and the ongoing support and care to provide the best in service to the patient and the health sector in general.
    Studies have shown not to exclude this age group between 90 years and above from open-heart surgery due to old age, but only after accurate testing and scientific methodical recommendations by the World Medical Bacon by God Willing the results improved this kind of  operations in this group patients.

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