• Mineral Water

    Mineral Water

    Water contains sulfur compounds, bicarbonate and sulfate along with many others that has been already famous for treating some medical conditions. In fact if we start talking about this issue, then we might find a lot of surprisingly interesting information.


    Mineral Water is highly recommended in these cases:


    1. Patients suffering from kidney Stones, Nephritis or Urethritis should drink plenty of water up to 4-6 litres a day. What happens is, when your body lacks water, urine gets more concentrated causing renal colic and inflammation. While on the other hand, if you drink plenty of water it will help your body get rid of those small stones and pass them through the urinary tract. However you have to make sure you are not drinking too much water and reduce your daily intake as advised by your doctor especially for patients with kidney failure.
    2. Drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach can help cleanse your body but make sure the water is in the average of room or body temperature between 27-37 ° C, and it is ok even slightly increased quite a bit. However it is unfavourable to drink very cold or hot water on an empty stomach.
    3. Drinking water 30 minutes prior to eating your meals is known for its benefits in weight loss. Water itself doesn’t make you lose weight directly, but it helps with cleaning your blood circulation before eating meals as well as reducing your appetite, making you feel full, hence eating less.
    4. Drinking water regularly throughout the day even if you are not thirsty is very helpful; meaning that drink water should become a daily habit and not only when your body needs it.
    5. Drinking beverages other than water does not substitute your body’s need to pure water. For instance, drinking coffee or tea or even soft drinks might supply your body with water but only for a short time and then this water leaves your cells because those drinks contain caffeine or sugar. This is why we have noticed that in French and Western Cultures nowadays they serve water with coffee because the caffeine that exists in coffee shrinks your cells reducing their water capacity and making you thirsty which is why you should drink water in order to fill your body’s needs. This also applies to cocoa as well.
    6. It is highly unfavourable to drink ice water because of its negative effect on stomach muscles causing contractions and leading to some pain.
    7. Make sure you check your water source to ensure its safety and it contains a balanced mineral elements. It’s neither preferred to drink highly filtered water from those minerals nor those containing excessive amounts of minerals than recommended.
    8. Lack of water might cause a lot of health problems varying from a simple headache, dizziness, fatigue, listlessness, recurrent constipation to a decreased appetite. This is why it is highly recommended for those who suffer from any of these previously mentioned symptoms to drink water at room temperature before taking any painkillers or any other kind of treatment. Patients should consult with a doctor in case these symptoms last longer than few hours.
    9. Drinking plenty of water has endless benefits in preventing lots of diseases such as kidney problems, stones, some rheumatic problems, women who have problems with their menstruation and especially some skin problems. Skin is one of the things that has to be very well hydrated from the inside which is why when you drink plenty of water, the first thing that you will notice is how great your and face looks.
    10. Water is very beneficial in stimulating blood circulation through its regular consumption or using a reasonable amount of pressurised water to massage the body.
    11. Relaxing in warm water for 10 minutes on daily basis is very helpful in relaxing the body. However if you prefer cold water, then you should know that it has its own benefits of opening your veins, stimulating blood circulation as well as skin care. Some research even found that it helps with boosting the body’s immune system against colds.
    1. There is no doubt in the therapeutic effect of Zamzam water, which I will write a full article about its benefits in the near future, God willing, because of its importance and uniqueness.