• Slimming & Pain Clinic

    Multi-disciplinary Service

    Applying the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods in the treatment of obesity and chronic pain.

    • Myofacial pain syndrome in the neck, back and muscles
    • Headaches specially migraine and tension headaches
    • Back pain and spinal cord diseases with radiating pain to upper or lower extremities
    • Muscle weakness
    • Facial or trigeminal neuralgia
    • Athletic injuries ” elbow, knee and ankle
    • Pain secondary to tumors
    • Treatment of overweight and obese patients using the up-to-date tool of diagnosis and treatment
    • The department brought the latest machines for sculpturing the body without operative interference (E.M.S. and Therm 2 of Cellotherm
    • We have the highest records of success in the Kingdom

    Techniques In Slimming

    • Examining the patient and detecting by computer amount of fats and fluids in the body
    • Detecting and stimulation of trigger points using laser beams, gold plated magnet.
    • Using interferential suction, giving balanced diet (and EMS or cellotherm for body reforming
    • Follow-up of the cases to avoid recurrence

    In some patients, using the latest machines for sculpturing the underlying body fats and another one to stimulate the underlying muscles. We are the only center in the kingdom to offer this method of treatment.