• Psychiatry

    Our department is one of the largest and the oldest psychiatric department in a private general hospital, about 30 years of providing treatment across the Kingdom and beyond.

    It is form and structured of:

    • 30 beds (10 first class and 20 second class)
    • rehabilitation facilities (separate for male and female)
    • social and psychological sub units
    • highly qualified staff with hierarchal distribution to occupy
    • 7 consultants
    • 4 registrars (as psychiatric professionals)
    • clinical psychological consultants with clinical psychology specialist
    • Psychiatric social worker
    • chief sociologist and two specialist
    • male and female nurses with two supervisors
    • highly experienced head nurse


    Beside general Psychiatric practice, the sub specialization of our consultants covers “Domain of child and adolescent psychiatry” and the domains of Geriatric Psychiatry which is covered by an expert consultant who is the head department.

    The psychiatric services are provided through three main outlet, the outpatient clinics running by consultants every 18 hrs and the emergency services through ER every 24 hrs, the inpatients are served through the consultants and registrars with other team members every 24 hrs.

    Beside these clinical services, the department through its consultant provides:

    1. Weekly scientific meeting

    2. Weekly liaison meeting with other department through the ground round of the hospital

    3. Mental health education through the general social activity of the hospitals either through general lecture. e.g. ladies club

    4. Annual national psychiatric symposiums is organized by our department.
    e.g. 1st Annual Jeddah Psychiatric Symposium: Depression and Related Disorder 2001

    2nd Annual Jeddah Psychiatric Symposium: Anxiety and Related Disorder 2002

    3rd Annual Jeddah Psychiatric Symposium: Psychosis Update 2003


    4th Annual Jeddah Psychiatric Symposium: Liaison Psychiatry 2004


    5th Annual Jeddah Psychiatric Symposium: Psychiatric Emergencies 2005


    6th Annual Jeddah Psychiatric Symposium: Psycho Sexual Disorders: From Recognition to Management 2006
    7th Annual Jeddah Psychiatric Symposium: Arab Psychiatrist Across the Globe: Towards an Integrated Approach for Psychological Well Being 2007
    Finally, the staff of the department core are always ready for consultation, hot lines of services as well as any communication provided for general population.




    The Child and Adolescent Psychiatric service was launched in March 2000. It includes an Out-patient clinic run by a Canadian trained Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist as well as in patient coverage of children and adolescents with psychiatric difficulties. The services also works in liaison with the Pediatric Department for consultation regarding children and adolescents, with medical as well as psychiatric difficulties.

    The Out-patient clinic assess children from all over the kingdom as well as neighboring Arab countries. The age group covered is that from 2-18 yrs children and adolescents are seen and receive assessments & treatments for a wide range if disorders including:

    • Pervasive development disorders( Autism, Asperger’s disorder etc. )
    • Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder ( ADHD )
    • Learning disorders Anxiety disorders ( school phobias, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder etc )
    • Mood disorders ( Depression, Bipolar illness )
    • Psychotic disorders ( schizophrenia etc )
    • Tic disorders ( Tourette’s disorder etc )
    • Eating disorders ( Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa )
    • Parent child relational problems
    • Behavioral problems
    • We are the only place that can make laboratory investigations to detect antibodies against casein and gluten in autistic children in USA.


    Treatment is patient tailored and may involve pharmacological, behavioral or psycho therapeutic interventions. These are delivered on an out-patient or in-patient basis depending on the patient’s needs. Therapy does not only involve the child or adolescent in need but also the family, thus family therapy is also available as a service.


    The child and adolescent psychiatric of note, the multidisciplinary function of the service does not only involve services within the hospital but also extends into the community school bases assessments, consultations are done depending on need. We also work closely with other services within the community that also provide aid to our young patients. we can deal with children from the psychiatric, cognitive, behavioral aspects and also we have the facilities of speech therapy. Finally, our goal is the better mental health of our young wanting children to function at their best at all times.


    The social service at psychiatry department provide the following services:

    • Assist patient, family and significant others with their social, environmental, financial and psychological problems that are related to the illness utilizing available resources in the community.
    • Interviews patients and their families to identify and assess the need for social work services and other needed services and information.
    • Assists patients with their social, environmental and psychological difficulties which interfere with the attainment of maximum benefit from medical care utilizing available resources in the community.
    • Advocates the patient’s right to obtain optimum required services and acts as a liaison between Medical/Nursing staff, relatives of the patient and appropriate outside agencies.
    • Provide individual counseling session, family orientation, education and crisis intervention for patients and their families who experience serious illness or overwhelming circumstances.
    • Assist patient for planning for post hospitalization care in cooperation with discharge plan.
    • Social study for patient referred from out & In-patient.


    Clinical psychology


    An American trained PHD. Clinical psychologist is the head of the psychology section in the hospital. Our services include different modalities of treatment and psychological testing for adult, adolescence and children.

    Our goal is mental health. We help alleviate your psychological pain and provide treatment for individuals who are struggling with emotional and behavioral disorders. We have different modalities of treatment all geared towards understanding individual’s concern and conflict. The individual will be able to gain insight into his/her problems and find better way to cope and deal with their struggle. Our trained mental health professionals will provide the psychological support to help patient resolve conflicts, understand feelings and find solutions to old problems.


    Diagnostic Services includes:
    Initial evaluation and Assessment Psychological Testing:

    1. Personality Assessment
    2. Projective Test
    3. Cognitive Assessment (Intelligence)
    4. Organics and Functional Assessment
    5. Neuropsychological Screening Testing
    6. Autistic Assessment
    7. ADHD Assessment
    8. Memory Assessment


    Treatment includes the following:

    1. Anxiety disorders
    2. Eating Disorders
    3. Depression
    4. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    5. Substance Abuse
    6. Stress Disorder
    7. Child and Spays Abuse and other


    Modalities of treatments

    Anxiety management:Helps the individual to examine his everyday stresses both in a work situation and in their personal life. Intervention is focused on helping the individual re-adapt their lifestyle and examine ways of relieving stress and coping with anxiety.


    Cognitive behavioral therapy: Cognitive behavioral therapy or (CBT) is a problem solving techniques focusing on examining automatic negative thoughts and helping the person to develop a more positive attitude to life. This leads to increased self – esteem and confidence and is particular useful for a wide ranging group of psychological problems such as depression, anxiety and specific problems. CBT is usually short – term therapy and require at least 6-8 sessions.
    Psychodynamic psychotherapy: This modality is an intensive form of therapy. It explores a person’s early conflicts and relates them to present day behaviors. Each session last for 50 minutes can occur from 1-3 sessions a week.


    Marital therapy:

    Illness, conflicts and emotional turmoil can disrupt relationships with your spouse. Our intervention is geared towards both partners exploring conflict, improve communication and intimacy concern.

    Treatment includes the followings:

    • Anxiety disorders
    • Coping with stress
    • Eating disorders
    • Depression
    • Post-traumatic stress disorders
    • Substance abuse
    • Verbal and sexual abuse.


    Psychological Testing:

    1. Inpatient psychotherapy and assessment.
    2. Out patient clinic.
    3. Personality assessment.
    4. Projective Test.
    5. Cognitive Assessment (Intelligence).
    6. Organics and functional assessment.
    7. Neuropsychological screening testing.
    8. Autistic assessment.
    9. Memory assessment.
    10. Psychotherapy (Cognitive, Behavior, dynamic, Group, Supportive, Family, Martial……etc).
    11. Scientific meeting in the psychiatric department.


    Occupational Therapy and Art Therapy


    Art Therapy

    Through a set of work treatment at the Art Treatment Unit in The Department of Psychology of Dr. Erfan and Bagedo General Hospital. Treatment with art came as a result of the exploration of ways and means to help ill the development of current treatment, of psychiatric chronic problems, that do not to rely exclusively on Chemical and behavioral means. Thus, opening the door for new thoughts on new ways of treatment, which do not reject or ignore the set of other treatments, but complement them. It goes hand in hand with them in a way which can benefit the whole of humanity.

    Treatment with art is part of treatment with work. The diversity of colors became a feature of the time being. Colors release the balance in the functions of body members that become dysfunctional. There arc colors that brings joy to the souls, as Allah says in Qur’an (2:69): “a yellow cow whose color is intensely clear, giving delight to the beholders”. We deduct from this verse that there are colors that delight the beholders as well as colors that cause the opposite effect of inciting the sentiments of boredom, laziness and stress, for example, the light of the sun is not only a source of light but also of food and a dynamo of activities and vigor.


    Meaning of Art Therapy

    There are a number of definitions of treatment with art, among which:

    1. Herbert Watson (1987) definition: “Treatment with art is an efficient way of treating psychological disorders by allowing the patient to express him/her through art rather than through speech”.
    2. Kremer’s definition: “Expression through art is a great opportunity for creativity, innovation and the Endeavour towards perfection. The experience of what one does with his hand is a great experience, especially if he/she can express himself/herself of what he has in mind with his hand”.
    3. It is the description of oneself and……
    4. A psychiatric patient when he/she expresses himself/herself, he/she expresses


    Himself/herself. About the world inside him/her and the world around him/her or a new world with a unique personal vision of the patient.


    Comprehensive Definition of Treatment with Art
    It is one of the branches of psychological treatment that uses skills and efforts, and stresses on the use of art including lines and colors and all sorts of artistic collections so as it dost not take the form of wasting time or corroborate a certain pattern and so

    that it become an operation of crossing the gap of loneliness via a direct participation in treatment that uses the work of the hand but that does not put aside the rational work as a means of achieving sagacity.


    The Strategy of the Treatment

    • This can be achieved through a special relation with the practitioner. This
      needs some that may be long or short depending on the ability of the practitioner and the phase of the illness.
    • This can be achieved through a contractual relationship that does not cancel the previous treatments but goes along with other treatments in order to make the patient in a better position.
    • Selection: we do not say that this is suitable for certain patients and not suitable for others but we say it all depends on the practitioner and his ability and patience in crossing this phase of illness.
    • The beginning: from the time the patient arrives to the place prepared for him/her. In case of refusal other artistic alternatives should be tried.
    • The period: not absolutely determined. The purpose is to deliver the operation that touches the feeling of the patient. Sometimes, it takes a few hours and sometimes a few weeks,


    How Treatment with Art is practiced in Dr. Erfan & Bagedo General Hospital

    • The Psychiatry department of Dr. Erfan & Bagedo General Hospital has the privilege of having the latest scientific techniques at the unit for occupational therapy, be it for men or women. It is the only department in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that has a Unit for Art Therapy supervised by specialist in the field.
    • The administration of the hospital has prepared the right place for it and equipped it with a playroom, a library and a space with art therapy equipped with the latest means in the field.
    • There are two ways of receiving cases: in-patients made up with locals and out-patients whose treatment is followed up outside tile hospital.
    • The Art Therapy takes place in three to four collective sessions per week, each lasting one and a half hour.
    • The patient is given the opportunity to express himself/herself through all sorts of artistic activities such as using, colors, drawings, sculpture, etc…..


    The supervisors at the Unit analyze the drawings to determine the phase of illness reached by the patient, bearing in mind that the number of patients have recovered through this method has multiplied recently.

    The door is open for registering out-patients of all ages. For further information, .

    We repeat here again that this is not a way of wasting time or corroborating a certain pattern or the production of exhibitions, etc., but the great purpose of treatment is: “to get to know the body and soul through work”. The achievement is a marginal product. The first goal is lucidity not rationality and the change in behavior via teaching and lucidity are the marginal products.



    We use treatment with art through the drawings of the patient. His lines and colors is a non pronounced speech delivered by the psychological patient in order to deliver a message to the practitioners and sometimes has no milestones. This treatment adds another new dimension to the necessity of overcoming the “ightirab” from the body in our contemporary life.