• Pharmacy Service


    To provide comprehensive pharmaceutical services that will generate safe and cost effective drug selection, appropriate delivery of drug therapy, and achievement of best possible patient outcome.

    Our vision

    To be one of the top centers in pharmaceutical services among the private healthcare sectors.

    Our values

    Knowledge: It is the responsibility of all pharmacy staff to share and spread knowledge, information, and skill to ensure patient safety and education whenever needed.

    Respect: all pharmacy staff must exhibit positive & professional attitude by showing respect for colleagues, patients and community.

    Teamwork: Lends energy needed to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.

    Innovation: Creativeness and awareness of new current system should be adapted at all times.

    Care: With constant care and a shower of love will have a distinctive difference in every nature of work.

    Quality: Quality in all what we do to assure service satisfaction to the right patient at the right time on the first time.

    Commitment: Pharmacy staff shall commit to patient satisfaction, and safety with full commitment and loyalty to our hospital and community we are serving.

    Attitude: We must consistently exhibit a positive attitude. This includes our appearance, conversation, and products and services provided.

    Responsibility: Every member of the pharmacy staff is fully responsible on the job he does, and always remembers he is a member of a TQM system.

    Outpatient Pharmacy
    Out-Patient Pharmacies (Bagedo, Company, and Derma) dispenses medications to Out-patient clinics and insurance companies.

    • One of the most important pharmacy objective is to educate patients and instruct them how to use medications, provide information about side effects, drug-drug, drug-food interactions (provide excellent patient counseling)
    • We have very organized process by which the patient firstly will give the prescription to the reception office, and then he will have a ticket waiting number, to facilitate providing best patient counseling.
    • Then after the prescription is ready, pharmacist will enter all medications in the computer system and review all patient profile then medication label is generated, pharmacist will give full instruction to the patient about medication usage and precautions to follow to provide best patient outcome.
    1. Bagedo Pharmacy:It is located beside the emergency department, ground floor in front of main hospital entrance gate, it is operating for 24 hours daily, 7 days a week, and Q-matic system service is available
    1. Company Pharmacy:It is located behind the Out-patient reception, beside Internal Medicine Clinics and also Q-Matic system service is available and it is operating from 9am-1pm (Saturday-Thursday) and on Friday from 2pm-10pm
    1. Derma Pharmacy:It is located in ground floor in building Three (3) beside Physiotherapy clinic and it is operating from Saturday to Thursday (9:30am-1:30pm & 5:30pm-9:30pm) and on Friday is off.
    1. In-Patient Pharmacy:In-patient pharmacy plays a very important and effective rule to ensure the continuity of care and continuity to provide best pharmaceutical care service for the In-patients.

    Through the Following:

    1. Provide patient education to the patients or their relatives about drug dosages and usage, instructing from about precautions and side effect of their medications.
    2. Performing regular inspection for all emergency medications located in the emergency department and all nursing units and critical care areas.
    3. Preparing IV-admixture to ensure providing Sterile IV-Medication to the patients.
    4. Preparing Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
    5. Compounding Chemotherapy preparations in a highly isolated place
    6. Drug information center
    7. Drug delivery system to all In-patient Units to ensure best services to our patient.
    8. All these services are provided for 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week


    Inpatient Pharmacy has many procedures as follows:

    1. Unit dose System:

    • Medication will be dispensed only for 24 hrs.
    • Dispensing medication to newly admitted patients, discharge, stat dose, PRN
    • Pharmacy plays a vital role to educate patients and providing drug information’s to all medical departments in the hospital.
    • Pharmacists are providing patient education and instructing discharge patients of their relatives about medication doses and side effect, precautions, drug-drug interaction and drug-food interaction.

    2. IV-Admixture Room:

    • It is significant that a highly competent pharmacist and pharmacy technicians are working there and their aim is to provide best pharmaceutical care service and sterile products to the patients.
    • They are mixing antibiotics for all the patients’ adult-pedia-neonatal-high risk medications.
    • (Potassium Chloride-Potassium phosphate- all electrolytes-etc)
    • TPN ( Total Parenteral Nutrition )
    • All these services are done in a clean room to ensure best pharmaceutical practices and service to our patients.

    3. Oncology Center:

    • This service was established between Pharmacy and Oncology Center since 5 years as highly competent pharmacist and nurses are highly trained for compounding Chemotherapy preparation, while pharmacist are giving patient education about Chemotherapy drugs.

    4. Drug Information Center:

    • This service was added to ensure continuity of care and spread pharmaceutical knowledge and drug inquiries for all medical departments for 24 hrs. (Ext: 545)

    5. Narcotic Pharmacy:

    • When Narcotic drugs and ampoules are dispensed according to MOH regulations and it is operation from Saturday to Thursday (8am-4pm) and Friday is off.