• Neurology

    One of the leading departments of neurology in the Kingdom. Offers the diagnosis & management of various neurological disorders affecting adults & children.


    Such disorders include:

    1. Epilepsy & seizures of various types
    2. Headaches & facial pain of different presentations & etiologies.
    3. Strokes & cerebrovascular diseases.
    4. Space occupying lesions (tumours & granuloma of the brain & spinal cord).
    5. Muscle disease & neuromuscular disorders.
    6. Movement disorders (e.g. tremors, Parkinson’s disease).
    7. Neuro-infectious diseases (e.g. Encephalitis, Meningitis).
    8. Vertigo & dizziness.
    9. Child neurology section & developmental disorders.
    10. Geriatric neurology section & dementias.
    11. Diseases of the peripheral nerves & autonomic nervous system.
    12. Pain Medicine.
    13. Sleep medicine.
    14. Most advanced neuro-imaging, neurogenetics & neurorehabilitation sections.
    15. A recent addition in affiliation with the neurosurgery department is the newly developed unit of ” Epilepsy Surgery” including extensive & intensive preoperative evaluation & preparation for lesion surgery & vagus nerve stimulation.

    Botox Injection

    Botox Injection for treatment of muscle spasm, contractures, and involuntary movements plus hyperhydrosis.



    The first most comprehensive, most updated Laboratory of its kind. Facilities available are:

    • EMG
    • Nerve conduction velocity assessment
    • Evoked response for the assessment of various functional centers; Visual, Somato- sensory & brain stem responses.
    • H-reflex, Blink reflex with all the advanced electro physiological neural reflexes.

    Using the most advanced mediatronics “Keypoint Machine – 4 channels” with an updated software to meet the needs of all investigatory studies.

    • Electroencephalogy
    • Computerized EEG & Brain Mapping
    • Video EEG Monitoring
    • Multiple sleep latency tests
    • Polysomnography

    Utilizing a Stellate system which is supplied by a highly qualified software that meets the needs of a highly demanding clinical neurology of the new millennium with specific referral to the new era in sleep medicine.


    The opening of the new neurophysiology unit gathering all services together with the advent of a new generation of stellate systems “Harmonie, 2005” will be a mark in the neurophysiology services in the Eastern Province. Updated polysomnograghy techniques as well as needle guided botox injection will be available. autonomic skin responses for the evaluation of autonomic neuropathies & postural hypotension will be an addition to our software facilities.