• Nephrology

    Highly equipped unit for the following medical services:


    The Nephrology Unit:

    In Dr Erfan & Bagedo general hospital, out patient service is available for patients with renal disease through 3 full times and one part time clinic for adult patients and one clinic for Paediatric patient group. All clinics are operated by well known Nephrology Consultants in the kingdom.


    The Nephrology clinics are covering a wide scope of services for kidney disease patients including;

    1. Diagnosing and treating kidney diseases primary and secondary in children and adults.
    2. Follow up for all cases of renal disease through established international clinical guidelines and backup by full lab facilities for all required investigations.
    3. Provides dialysis treatment to end stage kidney disease tailored to their medical condition.
    4. Planning for and performing kidney biopsies in case it is indicated under ultrasound guidance in radiology department.
    5. Diagnosis and management for cases of hypertension especially cases of resistant hypertension.
    6. Preparation for Kidney transplant surgery from related donor and follow up for patients with post transplant surgery.
    7. Management of enuresis, urinary tract infections and renal stones.

    The Haemodialysis Unit:

    1. Haemodialysis:

    Our hospital haemodialysis unit is ranked as one of the best dialysis units in the western region in the kingdom.


    The bed side nursing staffs are all well trained with good knowledge and background about the different dialysis techniques. All nursing staff has good communication in Arabic language with the patients and fluent English for others. A resident physician is available all the time during the working hours for adequate medical supervision of the patients undergoing dialysis. All our nephrology physicians are well trained for insertion of the different types of vascular accesses.


    The Hemodialysis Unit is equipped with updated machines with dedicated separate machines for patients with Hepatitis C infection.


    2. Plasmapharesis:

    It is an effective and lifesaving procedure in a variety of diseases including haematological disorders e.g. Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, neurological disorders e.g. Guillan Barre syndrome and other immunological diseases.


    The technique is available in our unit during the regular duty hours and out of duty hours in emergency cases.


    3. Peritoneal dialysis:

    In the form of continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis can be arranged for special group of patients if indicated.



    A procedure that can be done for cases of drug intoxications & liver failure in arrangement with the specialty consultant in charge of the case.


    ICU patients

    Continuous renal replacement therapy is an invaluable procedure ICU critically ill patient with acute renal failure or acute deterioration in kidney function on top of chronic kidney disease.

    The procedure is available in our hospital for patients with renal impairment undergoing coronary angiography as well for better safety and tolerance.