This is an updated unit concerned with management of Otorhinolarngology – head and neck surgery. It is under supervision of a team of expert doctors and well trained nurses available at all times.

    There are three outpatient clinics well equipped with ENT examination set and endoscope unit.

    The operating room is completely equipped with surgical instruments which allow good results of ENT surgeries.

    Additional Services

    • Audiology department
    • Phoniatric clinic
    • Endoscopy unit
    • Electronystagmography

    Audiology Department

    This department is under supervision of an expert audiology consultant and allow the following tests:

    1. PTA
    2. OEAS
    3. Tympanometry
    4. ENG
    5. BERA

    Phoniatric Clinic
    This clinic is under supervision of a consultant phoniatrician for rehabilitation and speech therapy



    This is a new technology depends upon radiofrequency technique in rapid excision of soft tissue without injury to the surrounding tissue and leads to rapid healing of tissues postoperatively.

    Coblation Surgeries:

    1. Snoring, OSA
    2. Coblation turbinectomy
    3. Coblation Adenotonsillectomy


    1. DIODE laster
    2. CO2 laser


      1. Percutaneous Tracheostomy: One of the most recent operations done in our hospital for ICU patients, which could be done as bed side operation without transferring the patient to the operating room.
      2. Cochlear Implantation: Recommended for patient with severe sensorineural hearing loss and we did the first operation on March 2006 for a deaf mute female child and the result was very good ad the child could hear now.
      3. Reconstruction of the cribriform plate by nasal endoscope in CSF rhinorrhea
      4. Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) in cases of Dacryocystitis which could be done with endoscope and DIODE laser
      5. Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) for advanced cases of fungal rhinosinusitis and repair of CSF rhinorrhea
      6. Laser Cordectomy in cases of Bilateral vocal cord paralysis.