• Cancer

    One of the most advanced and well established cancer centers in the Western region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the diagnosis and treatment of malignant diseases since 1985.

    Management of breast, prostate, colo-rectal, head and neck cancers, malignant lymphomas, esophagus, central nervous system, lung, uterus, cervix, ovary, testicles and bladder cancers etc…, is carried out in the center.

    In addition, palliative treatment for the advanced and metastatic cases is also delivered.

    Radiotherapy Department

    At the center, three ‘Varian” linear accelerators are available for radiation therapy, together with a simulator and laser equipment which help to pinpoint the exact site to encompass the actual extent of the cancer.

    Custom Cerrobend blocks are used to protect nearby normal tissues, and ensure the proper management of each case. High dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy machine is available.

    HDR brachytherapy machine allows local treatment of tumors with sparing of surrounding normal tissues. Treatment is done on an outpatient basis. This is the first and most experienced center in the Kingdom and the Middle East in using HDR 192 Ir brachytherapy.

    Chemotherapy Department

    All types of modern chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy drugs are available and used according to the most updated international protocols.

    The chemotherapy preparation room is well equipped and has all necessary safety measures. Also, there are private rooms for patients to receive the chemotherapy as out patient, under full supervision of expert team of physicians and nurses.

    Major extensive and reconstructive surgery for cancer of Gastro-intestinal tract, urinary tract, male and female reproductive systems, soft tissue sarcomas and head and neck cancer are also available.