• 5th Jeddah Neurosciences Update

    5th Jeddah Neurosciences Update

    Jeddah City will host the 18th annual Saudi Neuroscience symposium, the 5th Jeddah Neuroscience update and the annual meeting of the Saudi Stroke Association, in addition to the annual meeting of the Saudi Advisory Group Against Multiple Sclerosis on 1-3 / Muharram 1432 H (7-9 / December 2010) at Intercontinental Jeddah, Assultan Ballroom.


    In this regard, Dr. Mohamed Erfan – CEO of Dr. Erfan & Bagedo General Hospital and Honorary Chairman stated that” we are very proud to host and organize this great scientific event for the third time. This event is graced by the presence of privileged Neuroscience Physicians from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arab world, as well as international experts from Europe and Canada. ”


    This seminar is aimed to accredit 24 CME hours from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.


    This symposium addresses many topics; Dr. Hussein Malibary – Head of Neurology Department of King Abdulaziz University Hospital and Chairman of the Symposium – explains the value of the scientific deliberation which will be discussed in 60 scientific papers, including about 20 researches that allow physicians most especially our young doctors to gain more scientific experience.


    It will also discuss the latest developments in treating Multiple Sclerosis and the vision of dealing with this disease, that affects the productive capacity of an increasing number of our youth. Dr. Said Bohlega- Chairman of the Saudi Advisory Group against Multiple Sclerosis – illustrated that, “we will debate all new management modules that are effective in dealing with this disease.”


    Furthermore, Dr. Waleed Khoja – Chairman of the Saudi Stroke Association- explained the effects of hypertension, diabetes and obesity in Saudi society today in increasing the incidence of stroke. This symposium will host the Association third meeting to combat such a phenomenon.


    In this regard, Prof. Abdelhakim, Shawki – Head of Neurology Department at Dr. Erfan & Bagedo General Hospital and Chairman of the symposium – explained that, next to these important topics we will discuss muscular diseases and Alzheimer’s disease and its increased incidence in modern life with the increasing human average age.


    Prof. Abdelhakim reported: “as a verification of our belief of the important role of continuing medical education in raising scientific awareness of physicians and the obligation and the value of exchanging the scientific experiences, the symposium this year is geared towards holding several workshops to increase the ability of physicians to manage neurological diseases.”


    Prof. Abdelhakim added: “the importance of such scientific meetings created by the revolution in the electronic knowledge puts an increasing burden on the physicians in such subspecialties. The exchange of expertise and networking with colleagues from diverse origins in developing the proficiency of Healthcare professionals in Saudi Arabia for healthier life of the Saudi citizen in line under the guidance of the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his Crown Prince and Second Deputy.


    This symposium will provide participants a great opportunity to get an update on the neurosciences field from a large and varied experts coming from all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arab world as well as from the West.


    For registration & more information:  http://ebhospital.com/JNU2010/JNU2010.html

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